2nd Annual Iron Chef Competition

Celebrate a great summer at the LAST People’s Market of the season with our finale:

Wednesday, September 19th 4-7pm
Next to the Rec. Center


Joel Cox and Eric Wilson will be defending the Aspen Market‘s title against other local valley chefs. Each team will have two chefs working together to create a unique dish using three local secret ingredients. The chefs will not find out the secret ingredients until they start cooking. They will then be given 10 minutes to prepare a menu and one hour to create their dish. Each dish will be judged on taste, presentation and originality. The challengers for the event will be Couloir Restaurant‘s chefs Clark “Porky” Myers & Mike “Lenny” Britton, Fine Dining Group‘s chefs Roger Freedman & Paul O’Connor, and Wild Grass Restaurant‘s chefs Jay Lafferty & Hillary Porter.

The judges for the event will be Bob Arndt (Former owner of Harvest Café & Jackson Whole Grocer), Jed Restuccia (Cosmic Apple Gardens), Kendall Russell (Larks Meadow Farms) & Nona Yehia (EYE DesignsVertical Harvest). The People’s Market will be holding a silent auction for the public to bid on becoming a judge for the competition or to get a plate of food from a chef of their choice. The Jackson Hole People’s Market is an ongoing program of Slow Foods in the Tetons. The event is sponsored by Snake River Grill, Fine Dining Group, Cosmic Apple Gardens, Couloir Restaurant & Aspens Market.

Of course there will be our normal activities at the market too!  The Teton Wellness Institute is our non-profit of the week, and the Green River Foundation will be sponsoring our kid’s activities.  You can also look forward to: