2nd Annual Iron Chef Competition

Celebrate a great summer at the LAST People’s Market of the season with our finale:

Wednesday, September 19th 4-7pm
Next to the Rec. Center

Joel Cox and Eric Wilson will be defending the Aspen Market‘s title against other local valley chefs. Each team will have two chefs working together to create a unique dish using three local secret ingredients. The chefs will not find out the secret ingredients until they start cooking. They will then be given 10 minutes to prepare a menu and one hour to create their dish. Each dish will be judged on taste, presentation and originality. The challengers for the event will be Couloir Restaurant‘s chefs Clark “Porky” Myers & Mike “Lenny” Britton, Fine Dining Group‘s chefs Roger Freedman & Paul O’Connor, and Wild Grass Restaurant‘s chefs Jay Lafferty & Hillary Porter.

The judges for the event will be Bob Arndt (Former owner of Harvest Café & Jackson Whole Grocer), Jed Restuccia (Cosmic Apple Gardens), Kendall Russell (Larks Meadow Farms) & Nona Yehia (EYE DesignsVertical Harvest). The People’s Market will be holding a silent auction for the public to bid on becoming a judge for the competition or to get a plate of food from a chef of their choice. The Jackson Hole People’s Market is an ongoing program of Slow Foods in the Tetons. The event is sponsored by Snake River Grill, Fine Dining Group, Cosmic Apple Gardens, Couloir Restaurant & Aspens Market.

Of course there will be our normal activities at the market too!  The Teton Wellness Institute is our non-profit of the week, and the Green River Foundation will be sponsoring our kid’s activities.  You can also look forward to:


Isaac Hayden Wednesday 4-7pm!

With only 3 Market’s left, the farmer’s have a bounty of fresh veggies this time of year.  Also, this week we have Isaac Hayden playing throughout the market for a FREE show from 4-7pm.

The Teton Mentor Project will be hosting a scavenger hunt for Kid’s Entertainment this week, and our non-profits of the week are The Cougar Fund and Conservation Alliance.

Lastly, a big thank you to Snake River Grill and Trio for sponsoring this week’s market.

What to get excited for!

Last Bike-In Movie w/ an Encore from Laff Staff

This is the last People’s Market in August and it’s harvest season!  The veggies that are going to be at the market are fresh and delicious.  Be sure to stock up with some local goodness to get you through the week!

This week JH Wildlife is our Non-Profit of the week, and the Green River Foundation will be providing Kid’s Entertainment!

Also, we have a few special treats this week.  First, The Flannel Attractions will bring their indie folk based string pickin’ music to your knees from 4-7pm.  After the Market, the Laff Staff is going to have an encore show until the last of the Bike-In Movie Series concludes with Willow!  Pica’s will be providing Taco’s and Margarita’s at the Bike-In.

Our sponsor of the week is Thai Me Up Brewery, which will be pouring suds all day and throughout the Bike-In.  And the Snake River Grill we cannot thank enough for being our most generous supporter!

Have S’More Fun at the Market and Bike-In this Week!

Another fun week planned for the People’s Market this Wednesday from 4-7pm followed by The Sandlot at the Bike-In Movie Series!

This week, our featured Non-Profits are Teton Science Schools and the JH Historical Society.

Our Kid’s Entertainment is being provided by High Five Recreation.

And big thanks to our sponsor of the week:  The Liquor Store

People’s Market + Laff Staff + Bike-In

This may be our most amazing People’s Market yet!  Where do we start?!  Beginning at 4pm on Wednesday, August 15th you can head over the People’s Market for all of the fun and treats that you find every week.  From Cosmic Apples, Snowdrift Farms to Lark Meadow’s Cheeses, Snake River Grill Eskimo Bars and more.

While you’re collecting your weekly greens, you can listen to DJ VerT-OnE on the music brigade to bring a lively and fun atmosphere for folks of all ages!

You can hand your youngerns off to Full Circle Education while you do your shopping (or playing).  They are providing a market scavenger hung, a taste testing and worm box at their tent!

After that, the Laff Staff is performing from 7:30-8:30.  The Laff Staff is an interesting gaggle of crazies who forgo their senses of reality to bring improv comedy with no boundaries!


It’s not over there, because we are hosting the 2nd of 4 movies at the weekly Bike-In Movie Series!  This week, you can expect to see “The Great Outdoors“!  Thai Me Up is pouring a special brew just for the People’s Market, as well as PBR.  Pica’s will also be providing Taco’s and Margarita’s this week.  Popcorn?  We got that.  JH Pop is bringing their popper to help you get your fix.  Lastly, Hoff’s Bikesmith is donating a cruiser for each of the next 3 Bike-Ins.

Check out who’s coming this week to the People’s Market

And this week, our People’s Market Weekly Sponsor is J Singleton Financial.  And the Snake River Grill is our top sponsor for the season.  Thanks for your support!

Bike-In Movie Tonight after the People’s Market!

So much is going on today at the Market, that we’re going to spill into the wee hours of the evening.  After a great afternoon and early evening at the People’s Market, you can stick around for one of the most fun and unique events in Jackson:  The first of the Bike-In Movie Series.  Tonight we’re starting with Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure!

Of course, we have all of the regular entertainment and booths that you come to expect!  This week the Children’s Museum and the Community Safety Network are hosting our Kid’s Entertainment.

Also, be sure to come check out the latest happenings with Habitat for Humanity, our non-profit of the week.  And a big thanks to Elevated Grounds, our sponsor of the week.

Here’s our line-up of local vendors and events!

Get a Bird’s Eye View this Week!

BIG week at the People’s Market.  The Teton Raptor Center is hosting our Kid’s Entertainment (big kid’s too) with LIVE raptors.  If you missed it last year, you do not want to miss it again, it is going to be AWESOME!

In addition, the Friends of Pathways will be here showing us how well our new pathways system is coming along, and what you can do to continue it’s growth!

Huge thanks to our weekly sponsor Silver Star Communications, and our whole farm sponsor, the Snake River Grill.

Here are the haps’ this week:

Also, don’t forget that Bike In Movies are just a week away!

People in Paradise

A great day lined up for the People’s Market!

Today 4-7pm
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Next to the Rec Center 

We will have two non-profits available to raise awareness about our consumption and where are trash goes, in addition you can learn how community members are working together to promote strategies to decrease local petroleum use.  So jump on a bike, grab your favorite drinking receptacle and come check out Jackson Community Recycling and the Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition.

Also, Pearl Street Bagels is our Sponsor of the Week, thanks guys!  Here are the vendors and events that you have to look forward to this afternoon!

So Many Veggies, so Little Time!

If you haven’t heard, or been able to make it to a market, it’s rockin!  We have the pleasure to work with so many generous community organizations and community members, so here’s a big thank you to THE PEOPLE!

Wednesday 4-7pm
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Next to the Rec Center

This week, we have a special guest spinning the beats – DJ VerT-OnE – who will be sure to get the party started.  Also, JH Organics is our sponsor of the week – who’s generosity we cannot thank enough (check out their bomb smoothies if you get a chance!)  In addition, we’ll have the Latino Resource Center showing us how and why to support our Latino community.

Check out the goods for this week:

  • The Liquor Store‘s tasty frozen drinks
  • Snake River Grill’s delicious Eskimo Bars
  • Thai Me Up’s award winning Beers
  • Fresh Veggie’s from Snowdrift Farm and Cosmic Apple
  • Aspens Market Brats and Sandwiches
  • Momo Shack’s Curry’s and more
  • Healthy Being’s refreshing cold pressed Juices
  • Dragon Lady’s Teas
  • Rewind Wind Chimes
  • Nancy Carson’s Jewelry
  • Stomp Longboards
  • Corah’s Lemonade
  • Knit Together
  • Guys Making Pies
  • Larks Meadow Farms
  • 460 Bread
  • Yoga from Teton Yoga Shala

3rd Market – GREEN DRINKS!

We have a big week lined up for the People’s Market!  First of all, the Jackson Hole News & Guide is our sponsor of the week, we cannot thank them enough!

Secondly, Green Drinks is bringing their green entrepreneur minded folks to get the wheels cranking on more great organizations and events to make Jackson (and the world) a better place!

In addition, the non-profit of the week is JH Public Art, while Kid’s Entertainment is being provided by the JH Land Trust.

The People’s Market is running from 4-7pm at Redeemer Lutheran Church, next to the Rec Center.

Here are a few of the great things you have to look forward to!

  • Snake River Grill’s World Famous Eskimo Bars (only one dollar!)
  • The Liquore Store Frozen Treats
  • Momo Shack
  • Aspens Market
  • Healthy Being
  • Snowdrift Farm
  • Cosmic Apple
  • Knit Together
  • Corah’s Lemonade Stand
  • Dragonlady Teas
  • Fish Creek Gardens
  • Guys Making Pies
  • Larks Meadow Farms
  • 460 Bread
  • Ben Labreque’s Handmade Glass
  • Brandon Williams Custom Cabin Creations
  • Lisa Potz Jewelry
  • Music by Matt Controls

Also this week Inversion Yoga is bringing the all levels outdoor yoga session, so don’t forget your mats!

And of course, our Market would not be what it is without the help of our Whole Farm Sponsor – the Snake River Grill.  Give them a shout out for supporting your community through the People’s Market!