Vendor FAQ

How do I become a vendor at the Peoples Market?

All you need to do is fill out an application and get the appropriate licensing from the city/state depending on what you are selling. See our 2016 application for vendors here, We will contact all applicants in May.

 What licenses do I need?

All vendors must obtain a sales tax license and a business license. If you are selling food you will need to contact Teton Environmental Health for more information regarding the permanent and temporary food vending licenses that you will need depending on what you are selling.

Contact Teton County Environmental Health at 307-733-6401 and check out the link on their website here.

Contact Wyoming department of revenue for sales and excise tax info at 307-777-7961

Contact TOJ for info regarding a business license at 307-733-4430

Note: both the health inspectors and sale tax reps will be present at the markets throughout the year.

 How do I set up and break down for the market?

We ask new vendors to come between 2:30 and 3pm for set-up the first time.  Once you get it dialed in you can plan to arrive at any time before 3:30 as long as you are set up by 4pm.  When you arrive please find a PM representative to help you locate your spot.  You can pull into the parking lot to find your spot and unload your materials.  If you need your vehicle, electricity or anything else please let us know ahead of time. We also ask that you leave your booth up until the end of the market and not break down early. If you sell out, please put up a sign letting your customers know but stay until the end. Also, remember that keeping the area clean is essential in keeping the People’s Market at Snow King. There is no trash provided so trash bags need to be brought.

 How do I know where my spot is?

Spots will be assigned by a People’s Market representative when you get to the market. We try to keep vendors in the same spots throughout the year but will adjust the set up depending on attendance and vendor needs.

 Where do I park?

Some spots will have room for one vehicle behind the booth area, others will not. We ask that if there is not room behind your booth that you unload quickly and park on Snow King ave or in the South West end of the parking lot by Cache st. If you need your car or power, please let the People’s Market staff know ahead of time and we will designate a spot to you accordingly.

 What happens if weather gets bad?

The markets goes on rain or shine so be prepared. It can be windy and it usually is at some point during the market so make sure to remember weights and have a way to secure your tent. It is also health code that you have a way to protect your product if it rains. a tarp or other covering that can be secured around the back openings of your tent should do the trick.

 Do I need insurance?

The Peoples market doesn’t require that you have insurance. There is product liability and event insurance available through different companies that could be worth looking into

 Can I bring my dog?

If your dog is on a leash and away from the food vendors dogs are definitely welcome

 Is fun, good food, and great local producers encouraged?